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Any experience w/dog blindness?

my collie, Starbucks, has been bumping into things (our legs, stretched out when we are seated, or boxes we packed to ship at Christmas) and cannot see well at night. The vet said that the dog's reactions are inconsistent but that upon examination of the retina, it looks a little suspicious. I have been referred to a specialist about an hr away to see if this is collie eye anomaly.
I researched a bit online and it says there is no surgery to correct this.
In the meantime, does anyone here have a blind or partially blind dog? Do you use any special training methods?
Previously I had Borzoi and trained them w/hand signals. Obviously, this is not going to work w/my new collie!
He is only 1 yr old and we got him from the SPCA when he was 7 mo's. We were told that the family was military and was transferred to Germany. Now I'm wondering if they didn't give him up because they knew he had eye problems.
He's got an excellent temperament and we love him dearly
Thanks in advance!
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