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Originally Posted by jillybeanrocks View Post
We actually haven't gotten his hair cut yet, it's quite long now. Those pictures were from last summer. He's always on the go so it's pretty difficult to get a good shot of him. I have a picture of him on santa's lap for Christmas that I scanned in to my work computer but I can't upload it because it's WAY too big.

I'm not sure what a cotton coated yorkie is, I assume it's a little curl to his hair? is that right? Cooper has poker straight hair, when it's a little bit wet it gets a kink to it but when it dries out it is straight.
A cotton coat is a thinker, softer coat, That is harder to grow and it never breaks as they get older. Its almost impossible to get a full length coat on a cotton but i LOVE them! There coat feels more like cotton then the other
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