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animal cruelty

Hi, I have just read your post on the 85 dogs that were found in dreadful conditions. I live in the uk and the town i am from there are quite alot of animal cruelty cases but unfortunately most of them go un-heard unless it's been a really really bad case. I cannot even watch on the news if it involves an animal being hurt or read a newspaper and i personally think that these heartless pieces of trash don't deserve a place in this world. All an animal wants is love and to be treat with dignity and nothing else and i think if we as humans cannot do that then we should be totally ashamed of ourselves. My husband and i had a female iguana called spot and she died from a phantom pregnancy so we decide to go to the rescue sanctuary where we live as it is illegal to sell them where i live, the iguana we chose was called stumpy by the sanctuary's owners and they couldn't believe that we wanted him cause no ine else would buy him because of his injuries, something(i can't even call them a person) decided that they didn't want him anymore so they just threw him out onto the streets, he had half his nose chopped off, two of his front fingers chopped off, some of his tail chopped off and his whole body was burned.When we got him we were warned because of his past he was very very aggresive, but within a week or so he warmed to us alot and now you can pick him up, stroke him and talk to him. He is so spoilt, he has to have strawberrys everyday but he is lush and did not deserve what he went through. I know they say that an animal never forgets it's suffering but i really do hope our stumps(his nickname) has forgotten through all the love and attention we have and continue to give him and all our babies. In memory of my little girl cassyhoof who passed on 15th jan 09 aged 161/2 years, one animal i will never ever forget or stop loving xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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