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More lumps for Keeper . . . . but a walk in the mountains

Carol found two more lumps on Keeper this morning . . . . we'll take her to the vet this afternoon for a look. Hopefully they are just more of the fatty, harmless lumps she's had before rather than a cancer recurrence. Keeper is nearing the end of her chemo treatments. Keeper is a cancer survivor after three difficult operations in the late summer/fall so we hope this isn't something new.

Yesterday, Keeper walked the snowshoe trail up to Chester Lake. Given the deep snow pack, we have to find some beaten down paths. I think the snow is about four to six feet deep on either side of these paths so not a lot of things to sniff. This is actually a fairly steep uphill climb - although we were passing all the snowshoe folks with my big boots -

Although Calgary set a new record high this day, it was actually about minus 10 celcius when we started this walk, but significantly warmer up here when we arrived.

Below, Abby on the x-country ski trail we descended on. Not much traffic.

Polly enjoys a warm sunset

Give some thoughts for Keeper's vet meeting this afternoon.

Rick C
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