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Advice for constipated cats, Especially cats with megacolon

I'm suprised that your cat is still on Cisapride. Does your Vet realize that they discontinued it? I would check to see if your vet can give you a prescription of Lactulose/Enulose. Lactulose/Enulose is very surgary, so some cats don't like it. Make sure that if your cat spits any of it out, to wipe it off their fur very quickly with a warm rag. Otherwise, the hair that the stuff gets on will get stiff and break off. Cats should be on a predominately all wet food diet that has no grains in it. Dry food is mostly made up of sugar and carbs, so not only do they put on a ton of weight, they also ruin their teeth. Dry food also causes diabetes. IF you are going to continue to keep your cats on a dry food diet, choose one that is made up of mostly protein like Wellness Core no grains. It is 50% protein. If you have a houseful of cats, and can't afford the extra buck, you can try the Purina Naturals that is 38% protein. However, a no grain canned food is best. Another thing, any cat with megacolon should be on a strictly canned food no grain diet (wellness no grains turkey formula is best, turkey has the most moisture in any foods), you should always add water (filterd water) to their canned food. Cats love this because it makes it soupy/gravy like and it helps bring more moisture in their bodies. Cats mouths aren't designed to bring in all the water they need. Also, you can add a teaspoon of 100% natural olive oil to the soupy canned food concoction. It will allow the feces to pass through. Lastly, there is one more thing, there is a pill that your vet can prescribe for megacolon if all else fails. However, the above should work if you stick to it and are diligent. And all should be done together, unlike one person suggested above, you should be doing the Lactulose/Enulose, no grain canned water/olive diet, and you should also give him milk twice a week. Most cats system cannot digest milk, however cats with megacolon actually benefit from it.

I have 2 cats with megacolon and also work at a shelter. Hope this helps.

One last tip, never ever ever give a boy cat any type of food that is seafood!!!!! This causes crystals in their urine which can cause the cat to get blocked up (his uretha) and this can kill him. You should always feel your cats Chicken, Turkey, and Beef. Turkey being the best because it has the most moisture content in it.

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This is my 1st post here. My name is Lori I have an 11 yr old male cat that was diagnosed with megacolon around a year ago. Lately it's been getting harder to treat, he is on Cisipride 3x a day which does not seem to be as a effective as it used to be.....he can go days without pooping. Right before Thanksgiving he had to be knocked out and manually cleaned out by the vet.....this past week he was there 2x & had 2 enemas (Mon & Thurs). The vet says he should go no longer than 1-2 days without a bowel movement....not only is it stressfull on my cat & myself to do this to him but my pocketbook can not keep up with this anymore. Medication costs about $100 a month & enemas even MORE. I see there are alot of you that have gone through this here & am looking for any help or advice I can get, I am at the end of my ropes here, I just don't know what to do anymore, surgery has been suggested but it is very costly, there is no guarantee that it will cure him & I don't think I want to put him through such major surgery, leaving only one other option, putting him to sleep....just the thought sends me into tears....I would appreciate any feedback

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