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Aniroc,Scarlet and Ford are beautiful and sooo cute cuddling together.
The dominant issue seems a really valid one and Iit will improve with the meds
Having a good vet,who really digs in to the problem and one you can trust is certainly more than half the battle.

Is it at all possible Ford sees other cats outside,if he has access to a window??
A strange cat would really get my Rocky going,protecting his home,even if the strange cat is outside and Rocky safely inside.

My new vet,also does not question my choice of food for my 3 guys,any vet must know,that kibbles is not what neutered male kitties should eat.
Mine are doing great on Wellness no grain,but I also have Eagle Pack,Innova Evo I will try.
Hubby grumbled at first about the cost,but it has eased off
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
3 kitties,Rocky(r.i.p my boy),Chico,Vinnie

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