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Okay, here is the update on yesterday's visit to the vet.

First, was the experiencing of cornering Ford to pick him up and drop him into the towel lined crate, poor guy didn't like that too much! He cried and cried as we carried him down to the car, peeing in response to his fear. I just kept talking to him, hoping to calm him down.

We go to Allondale Animal Hospital. The staff and Vets there are phenomenal, I've always been so touched how they go the extra mile. They really take the time to listen and are always genuine in our discussions and suggestions. Its more than a business to them there, you know they care and I really appreciate it. Dr. Searle was wonderful with us and Ford.

She performed a full examination and after a thourough discussion about signs and symptoms along with her observations, she doubted there was any medical issues. However, on my request she did take blood and I am to obtain a urine specimen using a no-absorb litter.

As I suspected (as some of you) the problem seems to be behavorial. We had a long discussion about environments, cat behavior, diet and of course litters. One interesting thing she said was that Ford might be stressed out from being the dominant cat and may need to be relieved from those duties. We decided to try clomicalm, an oral antianxiety medication that I tried with some pill pockets she gave us. Thankfully, Ford took to the hidden medication with no problems (a few hours after we got home), what a relief! No needles or pill rockets required! I really appreciated Dr. Searle advising that Ford may not need to remain on the medication forever, that eventually he could be weaned off. She wants us to report back in two weeks and advised that if he didn't take the medications we'd get a refund.

When we talked about diet needs, she agreed like many of you, that kibble isn't natural and that a more natural diet could help. She didn't try to upsell us on any of the brands they sell at the hospital but suggested we try to find a brand the cats like and to slowly transition them.

After the vet, I stopped by the local pet store to find some more natural food and to look at the litters. At $1.99 a can (ouch!) I purchased a few cans of Go! Natural, grain free wet cat food. Ford and Scarlet really took to the Fresh Water Trout flavor, but I'll head to the big box store next week to check out some ingrediants and brands. I'm feeling really hopefull!

Also, while at the store I came across a new litter I'm excited to try in one of our 3 boxes. Its called Hygenicat, and its all natural, super absorbant and lightweight - made out of lava rock particles. I've read the reviews and it all seems positive, so I'm including a YouTube clip for you all to check out too

I have given Ford his second pill today, an while I know I shouldn't expect to see any results right away (these things take awhile for a positive effect) he seems a bit recluse today. I think he's still upset with me for putting him in the crate. He won't purr when I pet him and he turns his body away from me. I'm sure he'll get over it, I just hope its sooner than later. Scarlet, we'll she's her cute lil self as usual. I'm including a few pictures of our cats below. Ford is the all black cat and Scarlet is the furry white and black lioness They are always so lovely dovey with each other.

I'll keep you all updated on how things go and the results of the lab tests.

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