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This is Teddy, my Bengal x, who we rescued from our local SPCA. June 1st is his 5th birthday. I can't believe time has passed that quickly. We rescued him when he was 9 months old. Our little man had a serious case of pneumonia, then two secondary eye infections when we got him.. but he's doing wonderful now.. and we love him to pieces!

This is Pudding (aka Pudding Cup). She's actually in North Carolina, where after talking to a member of another forum, we've been approved to adopt her. She's the one that we are hoping to find transport for, as she can get shuttled to Montreal.. but we don't have a car, and the closest we can get a drive to is Toronto. We're willing to help with transport costs.. we just desperately want to bring our Pudding Cup home... Thank you for the warm welcomes.. and Yes.. this forum is cute in how it's layed out!
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