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I iz well trained? Yes, I iz well

As one of my videos states. It is 1 30 in the am, and i am SOOO bored. BUt not yet So here are 2 videos of keelys tricks.

In the first video, We are practising her "Down-stay" Position. I only made her stay for a little while. But, i would like to let it be known that i have had her stay for 10 minutes and she only went after the ball (I was using a ball at the time) When I released her from the Down-stay.

In the second video, she is doing some of the more "cutsie" tricks. As you can probably see, She gets anxious and impatient and tries to do different tricks before i even tell her to do anythinglol..She didnt do "Say please" Very good. I wish She did it better for the camera cause' That is my fav trick that she does..lolAny advice on how to make her less, anxious and be more patient??

Vid two:

Keely - Yorkie
Haley - German Shepherd
Casey - version 2.0 - Black lab
Jasper - White cat

R.I.P Casey #1.
Gone but never ever forgotten.

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