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Wow, I am really touched by all your suggestions and well wishes from everyone. You've all given me some additional things to try - and I don't want to give up on him, afterall he's my cute little booboo bear! He's really a cutie when he's not pissing everywhere, lol.

I'm seriously going to think about changing his diet to a more natural wet, no or low grain feed or even transition them to raw. And I think I'll get a few more Felliway diffusers.

Getting rid of the furniture really isn't an option but I'll try the Off-Spray mentioned earlier as well. I'll also try the home made scent removal spray as well and sell off my shares for Natures Miracle -lol-.

I'm also going to try keeping each litter box full of different litters to see if I can satisfy his need for comfortability when he needs to go, and that may mean bringing back Worlds Best.

Between all your suggestions and that from the vet who we'll be seeing this afternoon I hope that we can find some improvement in the situation. Heaven knows we really love this little (but large -21lbs!) guy. Thanks again everyone.
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