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Thankyou for the compliments, I'll let Nova know (although it all goes to her head, I swear! She thinks she can get away with anything, then gives me this little cute head tilt...)

I do often get asked what kind of dog she is, because she is fairly small for a Border Collie, about 18" at the withers and 25 lbs. A lot of people make comments about how they only thought BCs came in the 'traditional' black and white pattern... which makes me laugh a little since they can come in multitudes of colours/patterns including merles and tricolours I'm finding now that her fur is growing in more, people are having an easier time identifying her breed. It's kind of like a game for me when I go out with her to see how many can guess correctly

I'm sure if I fed the squirrels I'd have all of them in the neighbourhood visiting, which in theory would be fun, but I don't know if I could stand Nova freaking out and barking at the back window all the time
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