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Well there are black bears, fishers, bald eagles, the odd golden eagle, wolves, coyotes, some say they have seen/heard a cougar. Thankfully though it is extremly rare to have any of them come onto the island. There has been the odd bear that has stopped by for a visit but you know about it pretty quick and then a plan is set and everyone helps to get him/her to leave. The eagles don't seem to fly over just around and the cats seem to know where to go and hide if need be. For the most part the cats hang around the main part of the island(by the lodge) and we always leave the shed doors open and they know how to open the sliding screen door to the lodge. They're also kept inside at night just incase. With all the people milling around the possible kitty eaters stay away. I'd like to let our two kids out to play but the bosses cats are FIP carriers so it's just not going to happen, plus our cats are smart enough to not taste things they're not suppose to like garbage bags for one. They don't want what's inside just the bags.
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