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Ok I just posted a reply but don't know where it went
Try again.

Aww thanks for the lovely comments. I am always lurking around on here and thought I should probably stop being lazy and post something. I couldn't help but add the pic of the island...really can't wait for spring to get here. I think I have mentioned the island here and there so I thought at least everyone could see what I mean when I say we're in the middle of nowhere. It's definately a cats and dogs paradise as they're safe to roam the island(ours can't but the bosses cats do). Their one cat likes to poke at the crayfish along the shore which I find odd and their dog would make the rounds during dinner time to all the cabins looking for "treats" which we had to put in a letter telling them not to give her anything. Some nights she wouldn't come home as she'd sleep over in one of the guest's beds. We all including the guest's miss her dearly as she passed away this summer at 15, she was a special girl who must have gotten at least 100 pats a day.

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