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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
So here is a stoopid question....

You mentioned that you couldn't use a "share site" as the max size allowed is 50M and the music track is 51.9M .......couldn't you just shorten the music?
Not a stupid question...I thought of that, but I don't have any software that allows me to edit the music.

Originally Posted by breeze View Post
couldn't you just email her the music hazel, so she can open the email while watch the slide show??
Sigh...I wish. It's 51.8 M in size so too big for me to email. Plus the powerpoint presentation has been told that the file is in that spot on my hard drive and therefore, even if I could email the music, it wouldn't know where to look.

Anyone have any suggestions for how to cut down the size of a music file?
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