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Originally Posted by Chase_Mom View Post
She's really cute

I can see the fear in her that you described in your other post about her though....her second pic looks just like Kailey in her first weeks here with the hunched up back and everything. Glad this girl ended up with you so you can help her through it.
Well shes coming along real good.and if she does piddle out of fear on the floor she gets even more fearful.i don't say a word just clean it up.then a few minutes later i get her to me then give point in getting mad or upset over it as it's because of fear.not just looking up at you and just urinating in the house.Thanks

Originally Posted by growler View Post
I see GSDxLabxDobie, not seeing Husky esp not with those ears

Ginger Snaps is a cutie hopefully she doesn't live up to the last part of her name
I put the snaps as a nick name for and she does mouth alot not as much as we as a family are working on that.

Thanks everyone.
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