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My Rocky is going on 13yrs,he's been spraying since he was about 6 yrs old.
There is an alternative to pills,my vet gave me a transdermal(I think that's what it's called)gel,that goes on the inside of the ear,
It was a calming medicin,unfortunately Rocky developed a rash,so I had to quit,but maybe your Ford can tolerate it.
It's a great alternative to pills.
He is now on pills for Hyperthyroidism and I mash up one pill in a teaspoon of his favorite food(Wellness no grain canned)and he licks it up with no problem,then gets the rest of his food.

I too have been using Feliway diffusers for quiet a while and they have worked really well,I'd say the spraying is now only occasional.
I know when he starts pacing that he would spray,but since his meds for HyperT and Feliway,he is much calmer.
I know the frustration,but please,no HS or farm
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