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Originally Posted by Aniroc View Post
The Pill Pocket is definatly not an option, Ford almost took out the vet when he tried it and which is why shots are probably the best option.
You might be thinking of a pill gun. Greenies makes a moist treat called a Pill Pocket that you can wrap around the pill and hopefully the cat likes it enough to eat pill and all. Doesn't work so great for cats that chew their food though . Couple other options, just so you know that they're out there, are having meds compounded into either a transdermal gel that you rub on the insides of ears, or a flavoured chewable treat or paste. Only mentioning those in case it does come to trying an anti-anxiety drug and it isn't available as an injectable.

Originally Posted by Aniroc View Post
If there is another thing I could would be changing their diet. I have to admit that I'm probably not using the best food (a grocery store kibble) but I've been a FT student so the wallet has been a little tight these last few years.
It's worth trying, if possible. I totally understand how finances can be an issue and you can't get blood from a stone, so to speak. Not sure how you (or your cats) would feel about a raw diet, but this can sometimes be the cheapest option, even more so than kibble. Just takes more time to sort out.

Originally Posted by Aniroc View Post
And thanks for the links, I've done research on and off for years about the problems which is why I feel there is not much else I can do -
It certainly looks like you've covered all the bases. I'm glad to hear you're not yelling at him when he does this as it would only make his own stress worse, and I really think that's a big part of his issue. My one other last ditch suggestion would be to talk to a holistic vet, but this could be quite pricey. Another member on here, growler, also lives in Vancouver and takes her cat to one which she loves. Sometimes they have other treatment modalities in their repertoire that can be very useful, plus they tend to look at the whole animal, not just the ailment.

Good luck!
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