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Originally Posted by Aniroc View Post
The litter I'm using has Cat Attract embeded in it, but I know there is a separate product you can buy.
Ah, okay. Well my suggestions at this point would be to try the boxes without their covers, maybe try a different cat litter (offer a "buffet" of a different kind in each box) and see what the vet has to say.

Originally Posted by Aniroc View Post
It would have to be in shot form as he does not take pills at all.
I know what that's like. I would way rather give my guy a shot than a pill any day! Are Pill Pockets an option? Or if the meds aren't terrible tasting, perhaps they can be mixed into some wet food. I'm getting ahead of myself here, but that makes me think of one last thing: what do your cats eat? Diet plays a huge role in the overall health and even mental well-being of cats and I'm a big proponent of feeding cats species-appropriate wet food (ideally a balanced raw diet). Maybe something as basic as a diet change would be helpful.

Gosh, this must be frustrating and traumatic for your whole family. I really hope you can find a solution. Check out those links and perhaps there will be something useful to go on.
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