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Originally Posted by badger View Post
Wow, tough one. Does he pee in front of you or only when you're not watching? Does he pee on the floor or just on the furniture?

Does he ever pee in the litterboxes? Have you tried changing their location or the type of litter?

Feliway is a great idea. You never know what's going on in their little brains.
Actually I use the Feliway products all the time, I have the diffuser and spray. Hubby caught him peeing on the bed today, he just looked up and stared as he finished his business. So far, its only been on furniture - our lone couch and the bed. Sometimes he pees in the litter box, other times he doesn't. When we go to work, we use tinfoil agains thte creases on the couch and when we go away for a weekend, we tarp EVERYTHING.

I can't really change the location of the litter boxes as our apartment is really small and tight, and I've put them where I can. This has been very frustrating and heart wrenching. We've talked at length about what to do, and we keep giving him more time and more love and more energy...
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