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Re: Urination problem, answer to questions

Thanks Sugarcatmom, let me answer your questions one by one.

1) I have a total of 3 litter boxes in our tiny appartment. One is outside, and two are in the spare bedroom. The one outside is uncovered and the inside ones are covered. They are the largest ones I could find as my cats are really really big. Hubby prefers that they are covered. Although I am willing to try uncovered to save our kitty family.

2) Used to use World's Best Cat litter (corn based) but it was terrible to track everywhere, and really mucked up the balcony (he's a digger and litter flies everywhere). Currently using Dr. Elsey's Senior cat litter as we were having a problem with stool clinging to Ford's rear. This was the recommendation from the vet. Scarlet transitioned very well, but it too time for Ford to 'accept it' for pooping in. I'm not sure that I really like it as I can't clean out the urine, so I may try the pine that everyone has been talking about. I used to use that a very long time ago when I first got my two darlings.

3) Scarlet (the female) and Ford get along very well. He's the dominant cat and they fight, but more often than not very lovey dovey with each other. We often find them curled up together. He's really a sweetheart when he wants to be. But he's also a skiddish kind of cat, if you walk the wrong way or too fast, he freaks out and hides. You can't pick him up and the once a year bath is a nightmare experience as is clipping his claws. Get the picture!?! Scarlet is the exact opposite - a very easy going cat. Much more domesticated then our wild and feral Ford. I do worry about her psychological heath if we were to find him a new home, she'd be lonely and sad for sure.

4) Yes, he is neutered. He used to be able to go out and roam, but after condo construction he can't get down. I believe that is when the problems really started about 5 years ago.

So the dilemma continues. I'm making another appointment with the vet to make sure everything is okay medically before we make any final and devistating decisions. I don't want to take him to the pound, I'd rather find a home for him on a farm, he used to be a real mouser!

Thanks again for your input.
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