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Unhappy What to do - grin and bare it or give him away? Long standing problem with urniation

I'm not sure what to do. I have two cats that my husband and I rescued over 8 years ago. And while I love both of them very much, we have been having a long standing problem with the male cat. Ford (thats his name)has a bad behavorial habit of urinating outside the litter box.

He pees on our leather couch (which is ruined now, even though I've cleaned it with special enzyme solutions, every time you sit down - and its our only couch- you get a poof of cat pee smell), even our spare bed. We've had to resort to putting tarps over the furniture to stop him from urinating on them when we leave for any length of time. We keep the litter boxes clean, the food and water fresh and have taken him to the vet for medical check ups. Even the vet told us we couldn't live like that, and that was a few years ago!

We play with him all the time and still he continues to pee. We are at are wits end and seriously considering taking him to the pound or finding him a farm - but hes an older (8yrs) black cat. We feel terrible but what else can we do ? Any advice? Thank you in advance for your support.
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