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Stixx loves to nap under blankets and when she can't she finds an alternative.

The veriole nest was in a birch tree where we hang the sheets and where we have our little island garden. I was trimming some branches and just about trimmed it, almost had a heart attack. I would have felt horrible if I had cut it. There were three eggs inside, when I stepped back mom was right there checking thigs out. I don't know why but it seems that most of the bird on the island anyway seem to have thier nest's fairly low in the trees. The only reason I can think of is because we have sooooooo many Grackles and since they like to sit high and also like to raid all other nests the other birds feel safer on lower thinner branches that can't hold a Grackles theory anyway. She got use to me being around a lot(due to all the laundry we have) and didn't seem to mind me take a few pics now and then.
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