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It's a Tumor.

Just got the call from the vet. It's cancer.

The next step would be a rhino and biopsy, but they can't do it there. The vet did take a look and is certain it's a tumor, his white count is fine (so it's not an infection).

I'm meeting with the vet after 5pm to talk about Buzz and what's going on. See if I can get a timeline and some other advice on timing and such.

Sad, my little girl is already asking where he is and his human mom is devastated.

My initial thoughts are to take him home; get him groomed and handsome; spoil him with all his favorite treats and just make him as comfortable and happy as possible.

When it's time, help him to the next part and be there with him when he goes.

In between the tears my wife and I were talking about what to do with him after he passes. I said I wanted to take some of his ashes to his favorite places; dog park, the lake; our yard.

She said, don't forget this neighbor's front yard, this other neighbor's back yard, the entire route to the lake (where we would find him if he ran off as a youngster), and especially by the neighbor's garbage cans!

Funny how some of the times he made me the angriest now make me smile....then cry.
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