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meh, I dunno its just the way of the world now........

I understand Indian accents pretty well because I grew up in the gulf, where so much of the work force is Indian. I always understood indian profs easily too where some of my friends were sooooo lost.

What Bugs me is that whenever I call to complain I usually get nowhere but my brothers get what they want maybe im too nice, dunno.

Also gotta love the call I got asking me if i wanted to sign up for long distance from rogers..."what county do you call often?" Egypt " that Egypt in Europe?" No..Egypt in Africa. "ok one second ma'am" *pause* "so that was Egypt where then? Where is it in Asia?" ...ummmm you know egypt, pryamids..ancient civilization. Finally she finds it and I agree to sign up and I hear her pen isnt working then she talks to someone around her "heyyy give me a pen please, come on!!! im about to close this deal! "

ummmmmm yeah no.

I didnt sign up.
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