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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
rainbow,was Cherry not the coach for Boston Bruins at one time,but that could be before you were born
Personally I do not really like him,he's a bigot and a loudmouth,but he does love his dog,even was helping to stop BSL,so he must have good qualities.
Also,he really loved his wife Rose
LOL, keep forgetting that I'm almost as old as you .......I will be 61 this March.

Yes, he used to coach the Bruins and before that was a hockey player (I think he even played for the Bruins). He has also coached Team Canada and another hockey team but didn't last long there.

I think his TV appearances on Coaches Corner are all show and actually alot of the comments he makes are true. He is probably a really nice guy ....he must be since Rose and Blue were the most important part of his life.
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