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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Jaida does not seem to have any trouble running in the snow,does she ever fall on her face?
All the time, chico, all the time It's just part of the tripod territory.

Originally Posted by breeze View Post
I bet they are sleeping like puppy dogs now.
ssshhhh....that was the whole idea

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I love Gracie's whiskery face! She's the leader of the pack, too, I see.

They look like they were having a ball, bendyfoot! Is that pretty close to your house?
Yeah, that third picture in the first batch? That pretty much sums up the pecking order in this pack.

It's pretty much across the road from my house, the property belongs to my neighbour and they let us use it whenever we want

Originally Posted by MommaKat View Post
lovely fur family . I can't wait to see what Heidi will look like when she is full grown, she looks like she's going to be medium size . They are all adorable
Thanks, we think they're pretty cute too Heidi's actually about as big as she's going to be, give or take 3 lbs, I think...she's small, but solid
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