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Originally Posted by Saigo View Post

We are losing thousands of jobs a month. I get extremely irritated when the phone rings at 6:00 pm and I'm trying to make supper and I get a call from someone who can barely speak english, or speaks so fast you can't understand them. I was thrilled when the do not call list came into effect but its less then perfect.
I've been in the telco world for 5 years. The problem with most Canadian call centres is that there is so much training you need before you can be a good CSR. Training can be as much a 6 months... having said that the average CSR lasts 3 months in Canada. Indian CSRs last longer, but language becomes a barrier. But the bottom line to the major companies is India is cheaper than Canada.

I won't go on a long rant about the Do Not Call list, but I will say that I was part of the early discussions in the development of the National Do Not Call List in Canada, so I'm well informed. I will say that the list does not work and it is a huge waste of tax payer money.

Think about it. You give your number to the DNCL. They in turn send your number to ALL call centres and tell them don't use this. Can they all be so trusting? I can set up a fake company (not using my real name), pay the fee to CRTC and get the DNCL. Now I can scam specifically those people, by saying I'm the CRTC and part of being on the DNCL, I will need some more information from you... like your name, address, social #, drivers license, etc to validate that I am talking to the correct person. Don't worry, we are part of the Canadian Government, your information is secure with us. Bam! I just stole your identity!
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