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I have had good service from the Sympatico technical people based in India. Their training includes classes in colloquial English, but no doubt some are more fluent - and competent - than others. The people who flog newspaper subscriptions here in Montreal are more likely to be a problem, I don't know how they keep their jobs, as pitifully paid as they are. I can barely understand them.

I read an article recently that said India, with its booming economy, is not the country of choice anymore, so no surprise they are moving to Africa. Welcome to the global economy. Offshore call-rooms are the norm, Chico. You'd think with all the training and travelling, it would be almost as expensive as paying locals more. On the other hand, no UI premiums, sick pay, etc., which add up.

Listen, there are Indian radiologists (medical training in India is excellent) reading Xrays over the internet for doctors here. Go figure.
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