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One is lactulose, which he hates but it is better than the alternative and the other med is a compound, quite pricey, called sisapride.
I have heard many cats do not like the lactulose. I was lucky that Lexus loved it when I was giving it to her. An alternative to lactulose is is a tasteless, odourless powder that you can add to their food? Much easier to get the cat take on a daily basis. Also, I have heard you can get it over the counter? You may want to ask your vet about this option. Also, I have heard of people getting the cisapride for half of what they were paying at the vet. Does anybody know where she can get the cisapride for cheaper to help with her wallet?

And luckily at this point my vet does not think she has mega colon....only time will tell I guess!!
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