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Lexus had went for a enema Monday. Got some PEG (Miralax) from the holistic vet on Tuesday night. I was getting worried because by Friday she did not have a bowel movement. The vet said if she didn't have one over night on Friday then I would have to put her on Cisapride. I woke up Saturday with no "presents" in the litter box. I started making her food and she ran downstairs to go to the litterbox. I went downstairs thinking I was only going to find urine in the box but to my surprise she passed some stool - yay! Since then she had a very soft unformed stool both Saturday night and Sunday morning. So, I have started to cut back on the Miralax from 1/4tsp 3x a day to 1/4tsp 2x a day. I will continue to cut back on the Miralax depending on her stool consistency. I also broke down on Thursday and started to feed her canned food with water (I feed her a raw diet). I want the added moisture to help keep her regular. My ultimate goal is to get her back on half raw and half canned because she does love her raw food. I was also giving her an ice cube portion of liver twice a day to help with her constipation. I will cut back to one ice cube once a day as well. And maybe even less once she starts getting on a regular schedule again. I also have been giving her a 1/2 capsule of Salmon oil twice a day. I have also decided to slowly transition her to the Wellness canned as it is grain free. The Miralax has worked mch better for her than the Lactulose. So, I hope people will feel better knowing that they can give Miralax a try if the lactulose doesn't work.
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