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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
My boys average around 12 to 15 pounds. The girls are 6.6 for the smallest up to around 10 pounds. They are an average size I think. My stepson thinks they are huge! krdahmer says they are small. I think they are just right!!

They do that any time I bring something new in. They have to check it out thoroughly. Even when I wash blankets and take them back in they are all over it. I bet when I go out next time I will find a kitty or two even in the bed. Ms Purrfect was still in it when I left.

My inside ones didn't like the treats. Spoiled! But my other ones will eat just about anything. I am lucky that way.

I was taking another look at the pic with Spazzy. I think he has the same look on his face as Bunduk gets.

You did good girl!
Im SO happy!!

lol spazzy does look like bunduk in the pic.....maybe its contagious lol Watch out
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