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Thumbs up UPDATE on Henrietta.

LAST YEAR I POSTED ABOUT MY KIT HETTY who i was told had HD and nerve damagesince then i had a vet come to my house to give her acupuncturethis vet examined her and diagnosed that she had actually suffered a broken leg possible two when she had her "accident"she gave treatment for Hd (she does have this and it,s bad) she asked me to get X-rays done (I had already asked my vet to do this but he said it was not necessary) anyway this time i insisted and the X-rays were done the original vet said again that she had nerve damage,poor circulation in her legs and poor blood supply,he was very dismissive of her when he has not even examined her properly yesterday she had more acupuncture and again the second vet examined her,she is certain that she has suffered at least one break to her leg below the hock joint possible two or three, and has said that i must get a referral to another practice with more X-rays (the ones my vet did failed to cover the area where the breaks have occured) so we are still in limbo about her condition:sad:she does NOT have nerve damage or a deformed spine as the original vet had said:sad:
I put my trust in this vet and have been with this practice for many years to look after the health of my animals:sad:to say i feel badly let down is an understatement
I just hope that the new vets that i take her to will be able to put right the damage that he has done but how can a qualified vet leave a kitten with broken legs without treatment
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