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I have been feeding him Only wet-food with some water and pumkin to it and also i am giving him a stool softener once a day of 2 mls. the vet though had said to give him 3mls 2-3 times daily. I donít want my cat to end up relying on the stool softener, i just want it to be around when he needs that extra little help because I donít want his muscles to become weakened from not being used as much. should i be giving the softener more frequently as the vet had said? or stick to what im doing now?? also, I paid $20 for a 200mg liquid bottle, is that a normal price range? or should i buy one from a pharmacy? and if so which brand should i look for? and specific ingredients i want and dont want?

So things are looking good for now... he's in no pain has a bowel movement a day, eats and drinks plenty...
Woohoo sounds like your cat is doing much better. Having a bowel movement everyday day is great. I am happy you are getting this under control. And it is good to know that if he starts to go less frequent that you can up the dose to see if it helps!

What is the name of the stool softner you are giving your cat?
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