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Well I had Buddy on Diamond Large breed ($65.00 for a 50 pound bag) but have recently switched to Costco's Kirkland Series Chicken and Rice ($22.00 for 40 pounds) and it is great and also almost the same food for less than half the price. They also have lamb and rice at 2.00 more a bag. It has no corn in it also has omega 3 and 6. It is made by Diamond This is not as high a quality food as Wellness but if I had to feed wellness it would cost me close to $200.00 a month that is ridiculous. If you have a small or med size dog it is okay but any giant or large active breeds will be expensive since the 33 pound bag is around $55-$60 a bag. You do not want your foods to contain corn or soya or brewers rice the first 2 are allergens and also they are just filler with almost no nutritional value brewers rice also has no nutritional value to dogs. I think corn is the second or third ingredient in Iams and Eukanuba plus the gas from Euk can clear a room. Just in case you did not know the ingredients are listed in the order starting with the highest precentages first so you dont want filler in at least the first 5 ingredients, I personally would avoid corn and soya the most.
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