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My dog won't eat - HELP!

I have a 12 yr old dalmatian that hasn't been eating. I took him to the vet about a month ago (and I was not impressed with this vet by the way) and he treated him for a kidney infection but at that time he said that he didn't know if that was all that was wrong with him. "What do you mean?" He couldn't really give me a straight enough answer. After Oreo took his meds for the kidney infection he started eating again but only oatmeal and Moist n Meaty. No dry dog food or crunchy things at all. Over the past 2 weeks he can't even keep the oatmeal down. He acts like he has diarrhea but goes out to defecate and nothing comes out. I don't want to take him to the same vet as I really don't trust his opinion. I realize that my dog is elderly but I still think he at least has a few more years to go. Suggestions?
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