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I had a nice long talk with my vet today and he does not think Lexus is anywhere near a megacolon. The symptoms just aren't there. And by feeling her he said there was not a huge amount of hard build up and her colon was not enlarged. He said we just have to find something that helps keep her regular and tolerable. We may have to try a bunch of different things but we should be able to find something that works for her. He gave her an enema. He is going to speak with the homeopath at his vet clinic to see what she recommends. I am not sure she is as qualified as the holistic vet I was recommended to but I will see what she has to say. A holistic vet and a homeopathy have a bit of a different approach to treating pets. After speaking to the vet I am wondering if your cat is a candidate for physiotherapy or accupuncture because of the fractured pelvis. This is one major cause of constipation in cats. I am also starting to believe some of Lexus's constipation issues are because of being kept indoors for the winter (she is an indoor cat but she is allowed free roam of my backyard until winter - she stays in the totally enclosed backyard!). That and her stressful personality. Her problems really started to escalate late fall. But it also could have escalated due to me putting her on a raw diet? IBS and many of the other bowel movement problems in humans are very commonly caused due to stress. THe enema cost $36.50. But she had to be sedated and examed so that added on to the cost of course
The vet wants me to stop worrying so much unless she stops eating and is really lethargic. He said she is fine. I just have to find something that works for her
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