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I am sorry been having alot of company stopping by to see the new puppy.

But I did as someone had suggested and took her and a few of them to the Vet who said he could find any sign of glass in her. He thinks that she just broke it up and what I thought was hardly any remains; where actually the remains of a light bulb spread out.


So I don't know

It's just I lost my puppy dog Madeline Dec. 19th when she had a stroke and stopped breathing. She would have been 11 this Feb.

I raised her as a pup; the runt actually. Her mother Lady Macbeth would stop laying on top of her. So I took and brought her up.

Then before her 1st birthday she came down with Parvo and almost died. And fact I brought her home to die cause the Vet at petsmart said that she would.

I hand feed her and watered her by hand and praise be she lived.

But she was also epileptic and had seizures.

Then one day she was laying across the pillows lost control of her bowels and bladder then stopped breathing.

So Sabrina is sort of a replacement puppy. But she developed a bad case of kennel cough and the Vet.s nurse kept telling me to take her back to the pound since she was a sick puppy. Thank God the vet didn't feel that way.

She is over the illness but without thinking she gave it two our two labs.

But the vet said they will get better after they have taken all of their medicine.

I want to thank you ALL for giving me advice on what to do for Sabrina. I don't feel as alone anymore.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
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