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I have an appointment for Lexus after work today. She hasn't had a stool in 5days. She has not been straining or in pain from what I can see. I am hoping when I go home to pick her up there will be a huge present in the litterbox for me.

I am considering going the senna/accupuncture route. I will speak to my vet about senna today as well and a vegetable based laxative. I also have a call into a holistic vet. I would like to try something more natural. I would think that the senna ones in the store would have added ingredients that aren't great for cats? I don't think the lactulose is working now and I know there is a chance that the holistic route may not work either. I am hell bent on finding something that works for her. I am trying to stay positive although I didn't sleep very well lastnight worrying about her....
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