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hasn't had a bowel movement since his enema on Friday. I got the Lactulose from Rite Aid long to I give him before I call the vet again??
It is normal for a cat not to have a bowel movement for atleast 4 days after an enema. He was cleaned out pretty good and you have just started giving the lactulose - I would call by tuesday/wednesday if he doesn't have a bowel movement. I also found out that Miralax is sold over the counter in the US. It is kind of like the lactulose but you can get it in an odourless/tastless liquid and put into their food. I think you can mix lactulose w/ some water and mix into their food as well. But I would double check with the vet first. This may be an easier way of feeding it to him. My girl cat has not had a stool for 5 days so she will probably be getting an emema today....poor girl I spoke with someone that has taken her cat to a holistic vet and her cat has been regular ever since. This may be my next aaproach. I too am trying to find something that works for my kitty...each cat is different. It's just finding what works best for your own kitty. I am praying I find something soon before it progresses into megacolon.
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