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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Have you tried changing Tyler to a better quality canned food? Maybe adding some warm water to it to make it a little soupy. Do you leave fresh water out for him at all times? Cats are notourious for not drinking enough water. It is imperitive cats get an adequate amount of water daily in order to have everything functioning properly.
Also, have you tried adding pure pumpkin to his diet? Not the pie filling. The pure pumpkin. It acts both as a laxative and for diarrhea. A tblsp mixed in with his canned food may help.
He eats Iams canned food, he likes the seafood flavor best. They always have fresh water...I have one of those fresh flow water dishes, but Tyler likes to drink from the toilet I always make sure the lid is up for him & flush it everytime I walk by the bathroom to make sure the water is always fresh. I tried the pumpkin when he was 1st diagnosed with Megacolon...but he won't eat it (plain or mixed with his food)He is very picky. His condition has definately gotten worse over the past year, I feel it is getting the best of both of us & I don't know what to do for him, it's been a rough year:sad:
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