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Our dogs have ingested some ridiculous thing, the scariest of which was a five-blade shaving razor. We have been very lucky, no one ever suffered any ill effects (unless you count their moms' heart attacks!)

If I were you, I would be watching that pup like a hawk for the next 24 hours or until you can get her to the vet. I would also be collecting every one of her poops and thoroughly examining them for signs of the lightbulb and for signs of blood (sometimes red, but can also be black). If she's passing it, and the peices are small, and there's no blood, you'l probably be ok. but any signs of lethargy, pain (hunched back, not wanting to move or be touched), vomitting, diarrhea or blood coming out ANYwhere, you want to pack that pup into your car and find the nearest 24 hour vet asap. Keep calling around, and maybe call some neighbouring towns so you can have a contact at the very least if you do find yourself having to rush her in. I hope things go smoothly for you guys.
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