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Originally Posted by louisetara View Post
hi, thank you for replying, the thing is that i have read on the internet that most dogs with cancer in the nose have lots of heavy nose bleeds, were as tara has only had one mild nose bleed, and then maybe a tiny bit of mixed blood and mucas every other day, her face is swollen under her eye and on her nose and her eyes are really weeping, i am just hoping for someone to say it is aspergillosis which i have read about on the internet which i think has very similar smptoms, but the vet obviously thinks otherwise, and its getting too late as she is due to go to sleep forever at 11.10 in the morning, i cant stand the pain i am feeling now and i have yet the worst to come, i dont think she is in pain, although she is restless and sleeps with her head up, and since the vet did the xray and swabbed her nose she now has mucas and blood in both nostrils and making strange sounds when breathing, she is taking medrone tablets,
please pray for a miracle for my baby girl,xx
If you aren't certain about the euthanasia, louise, talk with the vet about it. It's your decision--and if you aren't sure about it, you'll fret about it later. However, if your vet found identifiable cancer cells, which look much different than fungal-infected cells, it's pretty definitely cancer.

Are there any specialists close to you that could follow up on the aspergillosis angle? If there are, a referral from your vet will get you in quicker or perhaps your vet can fax the lab results on the cells he saw to a specialist. Veterinary teaching hospitals are a great resource.

Good luck, Louise. This is so difficult for you, I know
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