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Utah humane society protests euthanasia method

Utah humane society protests euthanasia method
Sat Apr 6,12:24 AM ET

ENOCH, Utah - The Humane Society of Utah is complaining about the town's use of exhaust fumes from a pickup truck to kill hundreds of stray dogs and cats every year.

John Paul Fox, the society's chief investigator, said auto exhaust can burn the animals' lungs, causing distress before death.

"Enoch has the only animal shelter in the state that I know of still using carbon monoxide coming direct from an automobile to euthanize animals," Fox said.

City Manager Gaylen Matheson said Friday he plans to re-examine the method.

"The reason we're doing it the way we are is, it's practical, quick, and we're on a shoestring budget," Matheson said. "Plus, we think our way is a lot more humane to dogs. It's a peaceful sleep. They just curl up and die."

"There are no signs the animal suffered. They don't make any sounds. There's no scratching on the door," Matheson said. "In our view, if the dogs are peaceful, then it's humane."
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