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I've had the Peticure for a year now. Got both the battery model and the corded model last Jan. They were expensive, but it was before the Pedipaws came out. The battery model lasted about 10 months before the battery died and from what I can tell, the battery cell can't be replaced, so I would not recommend that one. If you want battery operated, then go with the cheaper Pedipaws option. But I do love the corded model. It's a lot more powerful and works great on both big and small nails. Petey is TERRIFIED of getting his nails trimmed, puts up a big fight and it's a huge hassle. But with this now, he just lays there and lets me do it. Takes me just a couple of minutes each week to get all their nails done. Used it on 9 pound Jelly last week for the first time and she didn't mind it at all either.

I will say though that the customer service isn't very good. It takes like two months to arrive in the mail and is not fully assembled and comes with terrible instructions. It took me forever to figure out how to get it assembled and was a huge frustration for me to figure out. But once you finally get it, it's a good product. I could use it right away on them with no fuss or fear. Mine is going on a year and still working great!
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