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I went to Rite Aid to see about the Lactulose & they said I needed a I went to the vet & she wrote me one, it is 11.00 at Rite Aid which is much less than the vet.
I see you live in the US. Maybe it is different here in Canada...I bought this bottle at a big Superstore here. Maybe try different stores (Walmart etc.)when you go just to see if you can get lactulose without a perscription (or call around). Much easier for you and cheaper Was it a big bottle as compared to the vets office? I know I was blown away by how much the vets office was charging for such a tiny bottle. Did he tell you how much to give to your kitty?

I also forgot to mention that alot of exercise is good for constipated kitties...
Lexus is a very timid cat and I have been trying to chase her around the house for some exercise....doesn't work very well because she gets so terrified. Thinks I am going to murder her or something Pelase keep me updated...
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