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the last thing I want to do is put him to sleep, I just wonder if I'm being selfish putting him through all this because I'm not ready to let him go.
I think the group on yahoo will be good for you....I am not experienced with megacolon but from what I know it is not deadly. It is something that can be controlled and tolerated by trying different remedies that will work for your cat. I am glad you have checked it out. Go in the archives and see what sort of advice you can find for your situation. Ask the group questions. They are willing to help....remember they have been where you are and can help you out

Again about the Lactulose, you said I can get this over the counter? & if so what dosage do you give your cat?
The vet gave me a 1cc syringe to give to her twice daily. Your cat may need more. Maybe call your vet first to see what he recommends...I am lucky because my cat likes the taste of lactulose so she will lick it right out of the syringe while I hold it. And she will also lick it off my hand. You may have to hold your cat and open his mouth and put the syringe slightly into his mouth. Thankfully it is not that much of a dose. I don't know if the lactulose has made her go more regular but I do know her poops are more spongey now and not as rock hard.

I know it is sad how many people have cats with megacolon and constipation issues...I am a firm believer that it is because of the commercial pet food that we are feeding our pets. But that is a whole other forum
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