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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Hi Lori, welcome to the board. I'm sorry to hear that you're kitty has megacolon, it is such a frustrating condition to deal with. What does your cat eat?
It is very frustrating, It makes me cry.......he eats Iams in the can & some Purina One Naturals(dry)(it says it's easy to digest) I limit him the dry food, but he loves that the most.....he is a very picky eater....I also let him have some cold cuts(turkey,chicken,roast beef) I use the cold cuts mainly to hide his pills in(he's a sweetie but when it comes to taking pills not so sweet) I also sometimes hide his pill in a blob of cream cheese, eventually he catches on to me no matter what I do. I love this cat soooo much this is killing me........
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