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The vet says he should go no longer than 1-2 days without a bowel movement....not only is it stressfull on my cat & myself to do this to him but my pocketbook can not keep up with this anymore.
Please do not do anything as drastic as putting your cat to sleep b/c of the mega colon. Please check out this group for support

3 weeks ago my vet put my cat under a mild anasthesia, applied an anema and cleaned out a huge blockage. Although my cat has constipation issues (not a megacolon that I am aware of) and she has stools every 3-4days. The vet says this is okay as long as she is not straining, in pain, throwing up, and the stools are not super hard. He is happy as long as the stools are abundant when she does have a stool. But he has told me that if she goes to 5 days without a stool than I have to bring her in. I have lost many hours of sleep worrying about her but I am coming to terms with the fact that she is normal in every other aspect except her pooping habits. I also am starting to believe that maybe some cats are just more speradic in their bowel movements.

Is your cat straining or in pain after 2 days with no bowel movement? If not, than maybe it is time to find another vet. Get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. I would not be able to afford taking my cat in to the vet every couple of days either. This has never been an option with my vet. He has told me to call him when I get concerned and he will make the decision if I should bring her in or not. He also told me that the stool softner "Lactulose" can be bought over the counter at a pharmacy. I save 5-6 times the amount I would spend paying for this at a vets office.
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