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We got the PediPaws about a month ago and also paid $19.99. Kailey hates her nails being done but isn't afraid of noise at all. It's made things a lot easier with her, but her nails are just almost too tough for it. We can manage, but I don't think it would be very effective on a dog over say 80 lbs. You'd need something more porweful for them I think.

Frenchy - Chase is terrified of pretty much any strange noise, he's very jumpy that way. When we turned it on he flew into our bedroom and hid. We couldn't even have it in the same room in order to give treats and praise! Between the noise and not being quite tough enough I'd say it's a no go for sure with Nelly. Might help you with Chloe though (just put Nelly somewhere else when you turn it on!)

AG - My friend is a groomer and she loves these new tools for dogs, but said she would not use it on a cat despite what the commercails say. She said their nails are far too soft for it. Could be another reason your're having trouble.

Hope that's helpful
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