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dog's 4 legs cant move.

hi guys, sorry if post a new message here. i just registered awhile ago, but i cant find the way how to post a new message. again i'm very very sorry i'm already desperate in my dog's condition.

last dec 30, 2008 my labador just lay down on the ground, at first i just thought he needs to rest or take a nap, but when i tried o call him he just cant stand up and move himself from that position as if all of his feet and legs are completely paralyze. the only that he can move is his head and tail. so i've brought him to his vet and he examined my dog. he told us that my dog's spine are ok bec he could move his head and tail, his stool and urine are ok. the poblem is my dog's feet and legs are paralyze and have no sensation even thought the vet pinched his toes. my vet also noticed that there is a big lump at the back of my lab near the neck area. my vet also put my lab on dextrose because he wasn't eating anymore. i've also bought the prescription medicine( anti-bacterial and b-vitamins for the nerve) but still upto now there has no progress at all. last night my vet called me and he told me that this was a rare case for him and suggested to me not to prolong the agony of my labrador. right now i'm already hopeless on my dog's condition but still i clinching on a hope that a miracle would come so that my dog will get better. even though he didnt grew up with me he's still a member of the family and i cant give up on him.

please please please i really really need your pieces of advice regarding my dogs condition.

again sorry if i post a new message on this reply. sorry if i voilated some of the terms and condition of this site. i'm just desperate to seek some advice.

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